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LA Meter - UX/UI Design

Research, Design, Concept, & Illustration


As a popular and busy city, parking has always been a huge issue in Downtown Los Angeles. As a daily commuter to Downtown Los Angeles, I came up with the concept for Meter Alert which aims to provide a solution for this problem. LA Meter is an app designed for residents and people commuting to Downtown Los Angeles to eliminate the struggle of finding what meter is available. This app allows users to see where available meters are located and provides direction to that spot. Not only does it help locate available meters but also allows users to pay by the app. By having a built in pay by spot, users are allowed to pay for parking through the app with a credit card. The app will notify you how much time you purchased and when your meter will expire. You can set an alert on how long before your meter expires to notify you when you should go back to your vehicle or you can continue putting in more money through the app without having to go back to your vehicle. 

-> Access to Prototype



Search location and tap "Find Available Meters" to find nearest available meters

Available meters will appear and tap on selected meter

Selected meter will turn red and click "Find This Meter" to navigate to meter

Navigation is activated to provide direction to selected meter



Swipe right on how long you want to park for and then click "Pay Meter"

Meter is now activated and timer is offered

You can click one of default options or customize your own timer then click "Timer Set"

Timer is now set and you're ready to go

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